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learn a little ABOUT US

We are a group of creatives who love food, adult beverages and throwing parties.
We are passionate about where food comes from, learning about different cooking techniques and flavor combination, entertaining and design.  Our team is dedicated to continually learning to bring unique experiences. 

Brew restaurants mission is to create a company that people can have a career in the culinary arts. We focus on creating a collaborative environment where ideas are shared and passions can grow. Our career pathways allow many opportunities to grow with the company in all areas of culinary arts and hospitality management and our health and wellness program is a very important to us as we believe it is critical for everyone to be functioning at their best. 

These team philosophies help us to create the best experiences for our guests!

We are throwing a neighborhood party and you’re invited
The best neighborhood parties are those where the environment is warm and friendly, conversation is flowing, the food is amazing and your drink is always full.  That is the best way for us to describe how we hope you feel dining at any of the Brew Restaurant locations.  Each of our locations have a different vibe but we hope you leave each one  happier! 

We are community cheerleaders
We believe that the hospitality industry is an awesome platform to be community cheerleaders. To us, this means continually thinking of ways we can do good, give back and be enthusiastic and vocal supporters of our community! 

We love what we do, our team, our guests and the communities that we are part of! Thank you so much for coming along on our journey with us and joining our party!