December 17, 2020
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Fall is full of everyone’s favorites: flannel shirts, beanies, and warm beverages.

Well, Brewbird has added a new, soon-to-be new fall favorite to the menu: our pumpkin spice molten donut.

Our donuts combine the best of a fluffy, fried donut with a creamy cheesecake filling. They’re fried to perfection to get that perfect crispy outer crust and stuffed full of gooey cheesecake center. All topped with white chocolate sauce. It’s like biting into a Pumpkin Spice Latte. 

They’re decadent, gooey, and full of fall flavor and a perfect ending to a famous Brewbird fried chicken sandwich. 


First, our chefs combine milk, sugar, baking powder, and salt in a Kitchenaid Mixer. Then we add the gluten-free flour. Then, it’s mixed until it reaches a thick, batter consistency. We use gluten-free all-purpose flour from Bay State in the batter. 

To create the molten inside, our chefs then combine cream cheese and whipping cream and beat it in a mixer. Then we slowly add heavy cream, sugar, vanilla, and finally a generous dose of Pumpkin Spice.

After the filling is made, it’s dipped into our dough batter, and then they’re frozen! Freezing ensures the melty center texture when cooked. 
After the donuts are frozen, we fry them to order. Donuts are fried in our dedicated gluten-free fryer. 


First, donuts are delicious. But gluten-free donuts can be hard to find — and hard to find done well. 

Our kitchen manager, Jesse Rise, came up with the idea after experimenting with a play on a deep-fried cheesecake bite. After playing around with the idea, he came up with the pumpkin spice theme for fall and the perfect donut recipe. 

“It’s unique and not really something you can find on any other restaurant’s menu,” Jesse said. 

The best part: these donuts are here to stay. But just a warning, the flavors will change seasonally.

After Thanksgiving, the chefs are planning an apple cinnamon donut with a cranberry sauce drizzle. Later this winter, come back for a blackberry brandy donut topped with a blueberry basil drizzle.

Pumpkin Spice Donuts are still on the menu — for now! Stop in BrewBird while they last.

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