A mixture of events, people or things that interact to form a more potent whole.

You know, the kind where the food and drinks are plentiful and made from scratch. The atmosphere is fun and lively — and might even result in a 90s rap sing-a-long. You never know. The hosts are like old friends and ensure everyone is relaxed with a full drink in hand.

From our humble beginnings in a tiny back-of-the-restaurant bar in 2011, to each new restaurant, our goal is to bring that same feeling through great design, awesome food, drinks and service with a healthy dose of quirkiness. We love being part of your communities and meeting all of you.

So come join us. We’re throwing a neighborhood party — and you’re invited.

Management Team

As a management team, we are dedicated to upholding the Brew Restaurant Philosophies and guiding this company to profitability. While we all having our areas of focus, we really work as a team to make decisions.  We feel we bring out the best in each other and definitely are “more potent” together. We all believe this company is an avenue to do good. We want this company to be a place for creativity to flourish, to help our staff realize their dreams and make the communities we are part of more successful.

Britt Belquist-Owner and Director of Restaurant Operations

Britt has worked in numerous restaurants throughout the years and brings a wealth of knowledge on excellent customer service and restaurant operations. She has a keen eye for design and marketing and brings that to each new Brew Restaurant brand. She is the first to sign up at the karaoke night and loves creating the “family” of Brew. She is constantly seeking out ways to help others through Brew.

Alex Belquist-Owner and Director of Culinary Operations

While  playing football at NDSU (and oh yeah also attending school) he worked at Labby’s and realized that the food industry was a perfect industry to combine his love for business and also his creativity. He likens the kitchen to the football field.. . a high stress environment with the same adrenaline rush as being on the field in a big game.  He attended Cordon Bleu in Minneapolis but calls himself a “culinary school dropout” as he quickly learned his heart was in creating successful restaurants that marries chef-driven with what the people really want to eat. He’s an idea guy, a creative who dreams big…he can also out-rap anyone.

Shelby Terstriep-Owner and Director of Events and New Ventures

Shelby is Alex’s older sister. Her regular job is as an oncologist, but design and events has been a lifelong passion for her. Martha Stewart weddings and Traditional Home Magazines have been her bedside reading since she was young.  She and Chad have always been big foodies and routinely host large fundraising parties at their house. She is busy with Brew Restaurants doing marketing and project management with the new ventures as well as the day to day operations of the event center. She still is the older sister trying to boss her brother around.

Chad Terstriep-Owner and Director of Finance

Chad is Shelby’s husband and has his MBA in business. He is the “behind the scenes” guy in this operation. He focuses on the legal and financial aspects of Brew Restaurants although, you could see him pinch hitting in the kitchen or doing dishes if needed. He is the realistic guy in a group of dreamers. He also really likes beer and food but absolutely loves spreadsheets.

Cassie Hahn- Director of Beverage and General Manager at Brew Perham

Cassie started as a bartender in the early 2000s and joined the Brew team because she loved “geeking” out about foodie and cocktail topics with Alex and Britt at the original Brew. She joined Brew Perham in 2013 and has risen the ranks from bartender to manager to General Manager. She is passionate about creating a positive culture and is constantly bringing new ideas to Brew. She is also true “chemist” when it comes to mixology and therefore with the expansion of Brew Restaurants she will also be serving as the Beverage Director overseeing beverage menu design and training on all Brew Restaurants.

Beth Belquist- Internal Accounting

Beth is the sister-in-law. Beth’s background is in office management.   She works remotely from New Rockford doing all things payroll. Don’t let her professional, totally organized attitude fool you. . . this girl can make any of us blush with her quick wit and dirty sense of humor. PS. Watch out for her on the dance floor!

Teresa Guck – City Brew Hall Co-Manager

Teresa started as a server with Brew Restaurants in 2014 at Brew Ales & Eats in Perham, MN. With her handwork and passion for all things bar & she quickly worked her way up to assistant manager of Brew Ales & Eats and then onto opening City Brew Hall as co-manager in 2018! You will always find her with a smile on her face, “nerding-out” over something beer related (and usually organizing something).

Steph Palubicki – City Brew Hall Co-Manager

Steph started with Brew Restaurants in 2014 at Brew Ales & Eats in Perham, MN. She climbed up the latter quickly at Brew, with her keen attention to detail and love of the service industry! She too went from server – bartender- trainer – assistant manager- to opening City Brew Hall as co- manager in 2018! She loves long walks on the beach, red wine, and can tell you the name and grandchildren’s names of 90% of our guests!

John Hart – Chef de Cuisine at Brew Ales & Eats

Lengthy description of this talented, molecular-gastronomy-lovin-chef coming soon!

Eric Henre – Head Banquet Chef of Brew Restaurants

This guy can cook with his eyes closed, more to come soon!

Andrew Melo – Head Chef at City Brew Hall

Picture and description of this kitchen stud coming soon!

Judd Eskildsen –  Brew Restaurants Kitchen Ops Manager

Description of this talented fella’ coming soon!